An accolade that rises above others, and provides a real lift for your career.

If you’re a professional, make sure you’re registered

The Science Council's professional registers recognise the range of knowledge, experience and professionalism that are sought after by employers and demanded by the public. What's more, they stay valid throughout your career by demonstrating your commitment to your own development. Give your career a boost and get registered today.

Professional registration can help you by:

  • providing recognition for the role you're in now, as well as a framework to support your future career development
  • providing wider recognition for skills gained through work
  • demonstrating your commitment to employers, colleagues and clients
  • creating a broader community of scientists working across a huge range of sectors and disciplines

Don’t get stuck on the launch pad, give your career a boost

Find out if you already qualify to register

Use our quick-check tool to find out if you already have the necessary combination of knowledge and experience to achieve recognition as RSciTech or RSci, and find out which body to apply through.


Find the right professional body for you

If you’re already a member of one of our eight pilot licensed bodies, you could begin your registration application today. If you’re not a member, find out about the benefits of joining a professional body and becoming part of a wider scientific community, or use our quick-check tool to find the body that’s right for you.